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Rajeshwer Subramanian, An Implementation Model for Systolic Algorithms on a TMS320C40 Multicomputer, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Wright State University, 1997. Advisor: Brian J. d'Auriol

A model for the implementation of systolic algorithms is presented using Parallel C on a TMS320C40 multicomputer. The various components of the model namely, the configuration, topology and data partitioning are identified and discussed. A discussion of how these identified components are essential to the implementation model is also included. A brief investigation of several systolic designs is conducted and based on the results of the investigation, a particular systolic execution model is selected as the underlying parallel execution model for the proposed implementation model. This thesis investigates the application of matrix multiplication and sorting algorithms in terms of the proposed implementation model. Both serial and parallel implementations of systolic algorithms for matrix multiplication and sorting are performed. The source code of all programs pertaining to the discussions in this thesis is provided.

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