Brian J. d'Auriol, Ph.D.

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B.J. d'Auriol and V.C. Bhavsar, "COMMAN -- A Communication Analyzer for Occam 2", Transputer Communications, Vol. 3, No. 3, pp. 151-167, July 1996. (An earlier version appears in technical report TR94-086, Faculty of Computer Science, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, N.B., E3B 5A3, June 1994.)

We present a parser for analyzing communication overheads in Occam 2 programs for transputers. The input to COMMAN is a source file containing PROTOCOL declarations which are defined by an augmented Occam 2 grammar. The output of the parser is a report detailing the expected communication times for the given input protocols. We show that COMMAN reasonably predicts transputer communication times for a variety of modes including internal and external communication, using both sequential as well as variant protocols. The parser is implemented using yacc while the lexical scanner is implemented using lex, which are utilities available in the unix and other environments. We give details of the lex and yacc implementations including the tokens recognized, the detection of scope and the grammar production rules. The communication times are modeled by linear functions and are built into the yacc grammar production rules.

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