Brian J. d'Auriol, Ph.D.

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Brian J. d'Auriol, "Network Vertical Intrusion Model (NetVIM)", Proceedings of The 2005 International Conference on Security and Management (SAM'05), June 20-23, 2005, Monte Carlo Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Hamid R. Arabnia (Ed.), pp. 176-179, CSREA Press.

The Network Vertical Intrusion Model (NetVIM) is proposed in this paper. The NetVIM is a vertical four layer model that provides for the identification, detection and profiling of network based attacks. The NetVIM models attack profiles consisting of the components involved in the physical delivery, the involved computation and communication processes and the states and state transitions inherent in an attack. This paper describes the NetVIM together with an example application to a TCP port scan attack.

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