Brian J. d'Auriol, Ph.D.

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Brian J. d'Auriol and Afolami Akinsanmi, "A Conceptual Space Model for Intrusion Detection", Proceedings of The 2005 International Conference on Security and Management (SAM'05), June 20-23, 2005, Monte Carlo Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Hamid R. Arabnia (Ed.), pp. 133-139, CSREA Press.

This paper describes an approach for intrusion detection that is based on conceptual representations. The Conceptual Space model is adapted to represent information about potential intrusive activity. In order to more easily provide for decisions regarding assessment of intrusive behavior, we incorporate superellipsoids into our adapted conceptual space model. Brief comments regarding conceptual spaces and superellipsoids are made. We illustrate our approach by considering a network intrusion detection application.

Full Paper (pdf: 207)
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