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Brian J. d'Auriol andVirendrakumar C. Bhavsar, ``Generic Concurrent Modules for Systolic Computations'', Proc. of the 1999 International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications (PDPTA'99), June 28 - July 1, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 1999, H.R. Arabnia (Ed.), pp. 2012-2018, July. 1999.

We have proposed an Integrated System Model (ISM) to address the problem of high economic development costs of concurrent programs. The ISM is composed of multi-level modules that abstract both the high-level program design as well as the low-level optimization. Both the intrinsic parallelism of a given input systolic algorithm and level parallelism of the software necessary to represent an implementation of the given algorithm on a multicomputer are incorporated into the high-level program design component of ISM. We briefly describe this process by presenting a summary of this aspect of ISM. Several experiments on the concurrent implementations of the software modules for these algorithms are presented. Our results are encouraging.

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