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Brian J. d'Auriol and Virendra C. Bhavsar, "Generic Program Representation and Evaluation of Systolic Computations on Multicomputers", Proc. of the International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications (PDPTA'96), Sunnyvale, California, USA, 9-11 August, 1996, Hamid Arabnia (Ed.), pp. 1213-1224, August, 1996.

An overview of the unified model (proposed earlier by us) for compiling systolic computations for multicomputers is given. Subsequently, we consider the diagonal and farming implementational objects which represent two specific cases of the implementational objects defined in the model. For these two objects, we give prototype codes in the Occam language and give performance models for multi-transputer systems. The prototype codes can be used to generate a source code for implementing a systolic computation on multicomputers and the performance models estimate the execution time of such implementations. Although we concentrate on a transputer environment, the proposed objects are general enough so that accommodation of other multicomputer environments is possible.

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