Brian J. d'Auriol, Ph.D.

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Brian J. d'Auriol and Virendra C. Bhavsar, "Evaluation of the Multi-transputer Implementations of the Weighted Levenshtein Distance Computation", Proc. of International Conference on Parallel Computing and Transputer Applications '92 (PACTA'92), Barcelona, Spain, Sept., 21-25 Sept. Published as `Parallel Computing and Transputer Applications', Part II, 1992, M. Valero et al., (eds.), IOS Press, Amsterdam, pp. 879-888, Sept., Sept. 1992.

Three implementations of the Weighted Levenshtein Distance (WLD) computation on transputers are proposed and evaluated. These implementations are directly based on the two algorithms to compute the WLD: the systolic algorithm forms the basis for the Systolic version; the sequential algorithm is used in the Farming version; and the combination of both algorithms results in the Hybrid version. Performance models for these implementations are developed and are used in the evaluation. Extensive analysis shows that the Systolic implementation is ill-suited for transputers while the Farming implementation provides the best results.

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