Brian J. d'Auriol, Ph.D.

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Brian J. d'Auriol, "A Relational Model for Visualizing Codon Usage and Palindrome Distributions in Genome Sequences", Proceedings of the 2005 International Conference on Modeling, Simulation and Visualization Methods (MSV'05), June 27-30, 2005, Monte Carlo Resort, Las Vegas, USA, Hamid R. Arabnia (Ed.), pp. 76-82, CSREA Press.

A relational model for Genome Sequence Visualization is proposed in this paper. A relational characterization of genome sequences in terms of bases, codons, and patterns such as close inversions is developed and described. The proposed model is applied to the visualization of codon usage distribution and close inversion distribution. These applications are accompanied by visualizations of a 269 base RNA molecule, a part of the Hepatitis C virus NS5 gene, Locus~AY769711. This presentation illustrates the extent and flexibility of the approach.

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