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Brian J. d'Auriol, Claudia V. Casas, Pramod Kumar Chikkappaiah, L. Susan Draper, Ammar J. Esper, Jorge López, Rajesh Molakaseema, Seetharami R. Seelam, René Saenz, Qian Wen, Zhengjing Yang `` Exploratory Study of Scientific Visualization Techniques for Program Visualization'' Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 2074, pp. 701-710, The 2001 International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS 2001), May 28-30, 2001 San Francisco, CA, USA.

This paper presents a unique point-of-view for program visualization, namely, the use of scientific visualization techniques for program visualization. This paper is exploratory in nature. Its primary contribution is to re-examine program visualization from a scientific visualization point-of-view. This paper reveals that specific visualization techniques such as animation, isolines, program slicing, dimensional reduction, glyphs and color maps may be considered for program visualization. In addition, some features of AVS/Express that may be used for program visualization are discussed. Lastly, comments regarding emotional color spaces are made.

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