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Brian J. d'Auriol and Maria Beltran, `` Optical Bus Communication Modeling and Simulation'' Proc. of the International Symposium on High Performance Computing Systems and Applications (HPCS 2004), May 16-19, 2004, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 2004, M. Rasit Eskicioglu (Ed.), pp. 135-142, May 2004.

Multiple independent communications are studied on optical bus parallel computing models. These models make use of an optical bus interconnect to provide for communication in a multi-processor system. The communication traffic studied in this paper results in potential frequent bus collisions. The well known collision detect mechanism is ineffective however due to the communication pipelining aspect of the optical bus. An analysis of the conditions necessary for bus collision and the subsequent communications model that represents the necessary information to determine potential bus collisions are presented. A simulation based on this model as well as results from the simulation are discussed. The results indicate collision patterns and trends in sequences of general communications. The model and simulation considered in this paper establishes a mechanism that enables future analysis of general communication usage of optical buses.

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