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Dear Colleague,

The Ohio Supercomputer Center is offering a 2-day hands-on workshop on scientific visualization. The following notice is a brief agenda with other important information. *Please* forward this note to any students, postdocs or faculty whom you think may benefit from this offer. Visit,

for updates concerning the workshop.

Thank you.

Workshop Title



Agenda Outline

   Day 1 
        Scientific Visualization and AVS/Express Overview 
        AVS/Express Network Editor 
        Data Viewers 
        Importing Data I 
        (lunch provided)

   Day 2 
        Importing Data II 
        Images and Animation 
        Visualization Techniques 
        Open Lab 
        (lunch provided)

Method of Delivery

Target Audience

Students per class:

Instructors/Organization Providing the Training:



To register, please contact: For information regarding scientific visualization please contact:

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